Crane Operator


  • MEC Construction, LLC


  • NCCCO Certified Crane Operator


  • Operations


  • Project Based


  • Field Superintendent


  • Maneuvers and positions loads over designated areas in a smooth, safe manner
  • Moves hand levers and depresses pedals to rotate chassis over lift load points
  • Utilizes load charts to determine load and radius capabilities of the crane
  • Assists in the installation of boom and hoisting cables on the hoisting equipment
  • Performs maintenance duties such as cleaning, greasing, oiling, and fueling of assigned equipment
  • Performs daily safety inspection of crane and recognizes possible problem areas such as worn cables, worn bands on hoisting mechanisms, broken gears, housing, etc.
  • Ensures that crane boom is properly secured upon the work barge prior to moving from one work location to another and otherwise demonstrates safe work practices in all aspects of crane operation
  • Works closely with site management and skilled workers to complete current projects in a safe, efficient and timely manner
  • Perform crane operator duties and rigging functions associated with weight handling and lifting operations
  • Operate  a variety of lattice and hydraulic boom cranes in locations where maneuverability is restricted and accuracy is critical
  • Make precise load placements where exact movements are necessary to position the load accurately and safely under complex and adverse conditions
  • Perform operator level maintenance on cranes and related equipment
  • All other duties as assigned by management

Physical Requirements:

  • The individual must also be able to wear and properly utilize appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to work or visit within areas where it is required.  This includes hard hat, safety glasses, life vest, respirators, ear plugs, steel toed shoes, or other protective equipment as required by the work performed and location the work is being done
  • Walking, stepping, climbing or otherwise moving from one location on the job site to another, and normally involves physically getting into and out of equipment through the use of vertical mounted ladders up to and including 10’ or more in height
  • Visually seeing equipment operations well (either naturally or with corrective lenses)
  • Standing, stooping kneeling, squatting, climbing or sitting for long periods of time
  • Repetitive movements by feet, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands and back in performance of work
  • Climbing vertical ladders
  • Working at elevated heights
  • Lifting 50 lb. objects as required
  • Carrying 50 lb. objects as required
  • Adapting to outdoor conditions and prolonged exposure
  • Remaining calm during emergencies and respond appropriately as dictated by the circumstance of the incident
  • Exposure to working outdoors in all-weather conditions
  • Ability to work more than 40 hours in any given week including weekend assignments as required

Required Experience & Skills:

  • 5+ years of crane operation experience
  • Be able to read, understand and use crane load charts to determine load and radius capabilities of cranes
  • Have general knowledge of construction rigging – use of slings, cable chokers, spreader bars, multi-part load blocks, etc.
  • Be capable of successfully passing a crane operations certification test
  • Ability to operate other types of heavy equipment like: excavator, dozer, man lift, fork life, backhoe and skid steer
  • Knowledge of rigging standards

License / Certifications:

  • N.C.C.C.O. Crane Operator’s License     Required
  • D.O.T. Physical Card                                  Required
  • OSHA 10 Certification                               Preferred
  • CDL Class A                                                 Preferred


  • MEC Construction LLC offers competitive salaries, benefit programs and a high paced professional workplace conducive to professional growth and development

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